Alt title of image Brown & Miller Straight Hose End Brown & Miller Straight Hose End

Brown & Miller Hose

Peterson carries the great hose from Brown & Miller. Available in either a stainless steel braid or an ultra lightweight polyester braid. The hoses in either covering feature a convoluted PTFE liner to be safe with almost all fluids. Brown & Miller hose features a tight minimum bending radius to make it easy to work with.



Minimum Bend Radius

Size Min. Bend Radius
-6 AN 1"
-8 AN 1.5"
-10 AN 2"
-12 AN 2.5"
-16 AN 3.5"
-20 AN 4"
-24 AN 4.5"
-28 AN 5.25"
-32 AN 6"

Part Numbers

Stainless Steel Braid Hose

Part # Description
AR-06-S -6 AN SS Hose
AR-08-S -8 AN SS Hose
AR-10-S -10 AN SS Hose
AR-12-S -12 AN SS Hose
AR-16-S -16 AN SS Hose
AR-20-S -20 AN SS Hose
AR-24-S -24 AN SS Hose
AR-28-S -28 AN SS Hose
AR-32-S -32 AN SS Hose

Polyester Braid Hose

AN Size Standard Part #
AR-06-P -6 AN Polyester Hose
AR-08-P -8 AN Polyester Hose
AR-10-P -10 AN Polyester Hose
AR-12-P -12 AN Polyester Hose
AR-16-P -16 AN Polyester Hose
AR-20-P -20 AN Polyester Hose
AR-24-P -24 AN Polyester Hose
AR-28-P -28 AN Polyester Hose
AR-32-P -32 AN Polyester Hose