Custom Spline Drive

Peterson has developed an easy to use accessory drive system that utilizes a spline system rather than a single key. It is stronger and easier to use. We carry hubs for most popular applications. There are times when those will not work for a project so we developed a program to build custom hubs that will work with the rest of the spline drive system. You can choose the offset from the face of the dampener, splined shaft length and bolt circle. The final part will be black hard coat anodized for durability and finished look. We can also set them up to produce quantities if they are for an ongoing project. Use the form below to give us the dimensions you need and then we can move forward.

Once we have the information and rough drawing from you we will create a mechanical CAD drawing. The CAD drawing will be sent to you for final approval. If there are any changes to be made we will correct the drawing and send you the revision. Once the CAD drawing is exactly what you need we will ask for you to sign off and the tank will then enter the queue for production.

Custom Drive Form

Spline Drive Hub Form

*Please note that custom drives will require a 50% deposit before any work will begin. You will be quoted a price and an estimated time of completion once the drawings are finalized. Custom drives with a signed off drawing may not be returned for any reason.

Spline Drive Hub

We can create a custom hub for exactly your application. We will need the following measurements to make sure we build the drive correctly.

Bolt Circle

We can machine any bolt circle you need to fit your dampener or crank pulley. We will need the bolt circle and hole size needed. Also any egister and crank bolt clearance that is needed on the back side of the drive hub. On occasion it will make our job easier if you are able to ship us the dampener or crank pulley you are using along with the crank bolt.

Spline Shaft Offset

The offset is the measurement before the splined section begins. Sometime this is not needed at all and the splined section of the shaft can begin right off the face of the hub. In other applications it may make sense to have a stepped section that is smooth before the spline begins.For example our drive for Chrysler blower motors that fits down insode the blower pulley. This measurement should be from the face of our drive hub.

Spline Shaft Length

The length of the splined part of the shaft is dictated by the number of pulleys you are looking to use. If you are driving just one accessory than you don't need much. If you want to run an oil pump, alternator and fuel pump you are going to need more. Remember the end cap does have .5" of splined material and you should run pulley guides between certain pulleys. If you need assistance figuring out the right length for what you want to run feel free to contact our sales staff.


The register on the back side of the hub helps to center the drive hub on your crank pulley or dampener. It will help for us to know the ID of your dampner/crank pulley and the depth of register you would like.

Crank Bolt Clearance

In some applications there may need to be clearance on the back side of the hub for the crank bolt. We will need the OD (Outer DIameter) of the bolt head and the distance from the face of the dampner/crank pulley to the end of the bolt head.

Drive Accessories

Cap with Nut

Our spline drive cap with nut gives you a handy way to turn over your motor.

Smooth Cap

The smooth spline drive cap is useful in situations with minimal clearance.

Gilmer Pulleys

We have a wide selection of square tooth gilmer pulleys.

HTD Pulleys

We have a wide selection of round tooth HTD (High Torque Drive) Pulleys.

V-Belt Pulleys

V-Belt pulleys are available in most popular sizes.

Pulley Guides

Several diameters of pulley guides are available to cover all of our Gilmer and HTD pulley sizes.


Spacers are available in a number of lengths to help line up your pulleys.