Alt title of image WetVac assembled side view WetVac assembled oil pump WetVac assembled vacuum pump

Wet Vac Oil Pumps

Peterson Fluid Systems wet sump pumps utilize a revolutionary twisted lobe rotor design. This design has allowed us to use all aluminum rotors saving a huge amount of weight while also increasing performance. Our shallow depth screw in fittings make for a low profile, modular pump. We took this pump, and along with our friends at Star Machine, we created a mount that utilizes their race proven vacuum pump. We feel this is the best wet sump/vacuum pump packaged solution available on the market today.



Single Stage
Standard Pressure
Length: 3.432"
High Volume Pressure
Length: 3.632"

Part Numbers

Wet Sump Pump

•Note: When ordering the WetVac combo you must order the pump you need and the 14-2199 adapter

Part # Description
04-1004 Left Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive
04-1024 Right Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive
04-1054 Bellhousing Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive
14-2199 Star Vacuum Pump Adapter for R4 Pump

Vacuum Pump

•Note: When ordering, remember to order your choice of the on pump vacuum regulator or block off plug. The block off plug should be used if you are regulating engine vacuum somewhere else on the motor.

Part # Description
STR0301000 Star Rear Drive Vacuum Pump
STR0207011 Star Vacuum Regulator Plug
0STR0305001 Star Vacuum Pump Mounted Regulator


Mount Blades

Part # Description
14-3100-001 Small Block Chevy, Left Side
14-3100-999 Universal, Left Side
14-3101-999 Universal, Right Side
14-3101-001 Small Block Chevy, Right Side
14-3110-001 Small Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3111-001 Small Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
14-3120-001 Big Block Chevy, Left Side
14-3121-001 Big Block Chevy, Right Side
14-3130-001 Big Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3131-001 Big Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
14-3150-001 Small Block Chevy, Pavement Late Model, Left Side
14-3190-001 Bear Claw, Left Side
14-3191-001 Bear Claw, Right Side
14-3201-001 Small Block Ford, Right Side
14-3221-001 Big Block Ford, Right Side
14-3300-001 Small Block Mopar, Left Side
14-3701-001 Bellhousing Mount
14-3702-001 Quarter Master Bellhousing Mount, Pavement

R4 Pump Fittings

Part # Description
14-0002 Plug
14-0006 -6 AN
14-0008 -8 AN
14-0010 -10 AN
14-0012 -12 AN
14-0016 -16 AN
14-0020 -20 AN