About Us

Since the founding of Peterson Fluid Systems 38 years ago, Peterson Fluid Systems has endeavored to produce quality parts that are innovative and dependable. In 1990, the company changed ownership and all that can be said is. . . WOW! A new thrust of enthusiasm and development has propelled Peterson Fluid Systems to the forefront of high-performance automotive parts manufacturers. We built on that enthusiasm and continued to refine our products while introducing new exciting parts. In 2006 we moved into a brand new building and expanded from 12,000 sq. ft. to 33,000 sq. ft.. In this new space we are able to continue building our high quality products and develop new exciting products for the future. Peterson Fluid Systems has been transformed from a small company that out-sourced all machine work and fabrication to a company that produces 95% of its products in-house, using state of the art CNC machining, CAD CAM Designing and a full fabrication facility.
All of the employees at Peterson Fluid Systems are aware of the company commitment to quality. This quality must extend from our designs and products to our customer service. The management at Peterson Fluid Systems realizes that each customer has a choice of where to purchase components. We also realize that many companies produce parts similar to those produced by Peterson Fluid Systems. At Peterson, we know that to establish our customer’s confidence and trust in our parts, we must excel in customer service, as well as, product design and production. We realize that if a customer asks for next day shipping service, he can expect it. We also know that we should notify him of any problems with delivery of his parts that will not meet with his needs. Being a company that is staffed by people who have raced, we know that service is of utmost importance. The Peterson difference consists of our unending commitment to “Quality Without Compromise”. Quality in product design and production. Quality in customer service and technical support. Quality in every aspect of our business.

Made in the USA

Peterson is committed to producing all of our products in our facility in Henderson, CO, USA. It is not the cheapest option but we feel it is the way to best control quality and also respond to feedback we get from racers about improvements we can make to help them succeed. We are very proud to say our products are made in the USA and believe the quality shows.

Quality Without Compromise

At Peterson Fluid Systems, a team of highly skilled people have been assembled to design, produce, deliver and service our products. After many hours of research and development, many new and innovative parts have been produced. Also, the re-design and improvement of existing products has resulted in a wide variety of leading edge components in oil and fuel system assemblies. Evidence of the Peterson quality is shown by the fact that Peterson parts have been on winning cars at the Indy 500, Daytona, Charlotte, Michigan, The Brickyard, Talladega, Watkins Glen, World 100, The Knoxville Nationals, The “Historical Big One” Sprint Car Race, and at many Short Tracks across the country. As you can see, Peterson parts are the choice of winners from NASCAR NEXTEL Cup to the Indy 500, The World of Outlaws, to the NASCAR Busch Grand National, as well as, winners in all other forms of racing. You might ask, “Will Peterson parts make me win?” We do know that, due to Peterson’s commitment to quality, they probably won’t fail and make you lose.