Wet Sump Oil Pumps

Peterson Fluid Systems wet sump pumps utilize a revolutionary twisted lobe rotor design. This design has allowed us to use all aluminum rotors saving a huge amount of weight while also increasing performance. Our shallow depth screw in fittings make for a low profile, modular pump. Our pumps can be outfitted with numerous options as well to be suited to a variety of applications.



Single Stage
Standard Pressure
Length: 3.432"
High Volume Pressure
Length: 3.632"

Part Numbers

Part # Description
04-1000 Left Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure
04-1004 Left Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive
04-1020 Right Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure
04-1024 Right Side Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive
04-1054 Bellhousing Mount, 1.2" Pressure, Rear Drive


Mount Blades

Part # Description
14-3100-001 Small Block Chevy, Left Side
14-3100-999 Universal, Left Side
14-3101-999 Universal, Right Side
14-3101-001 Small Block Chevy, Right Side
14-3110-001 Small Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3111-001 Small Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
14-3120-001 Big Block Chevy, Left Side
14-3121-001 Big Block Chevy, Right Side
14-3130-001 Big Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3131-001 Big Block Chevy, Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
14-3150-001 Small Block Chevy, Pavement Late Model, Left Side
14-3190-001 Bear Claw, Left Side
14-3191-001 Bear Claw, Right Side
14-3201-001 Small Block Ford, Right Side
14-3221-001 Big Block Ford, Right Side
14-3300-001 Small Block Mopar, Left Side
14-3701-001 Bellhousing Mount
14-3702-001 Quarter Master Bellhousing Mount, Pavement

R4 Pump Fittings

Part # Description
14-0002 Plug
14-0006 -6 AN
14-0008 -8 AN
14-0010 -10 AN
14-0012 -12 AN
14-0016 -16 AN
14-0020 -20 AN

Rear Drive Adapters

Part # Description
14-2190 Fuel Pump Adapter
14-2191 KSE Power Steering Pump
14-2192 KRC Power Steering Pump
14-2193 Spacer for KRC 19502 Pump
14-2194 Sweet Standard Power Steering Pump
14-2195 Sweet Toyota Power Steering Pump
14-2196 Sweet Toyota RD Power Steering Pump
14-2197 Fuel Pump Adapter, 4 Bolt
14-2198 KRC Revolution