Custom Oil Tanks

Peterson has built custom oil tanks for top race teams, miltary applications, car manufactuers and even some Hollywood films. We can provide exacty what you need for your project. You can find below the standard modifications that are available but we have capabilities that are outside of these as well. Please use the forms provided below to show us what you will need or feel free to call and talk to one of our salespeople.

Once we have the information and rough drawing from you we will create a mechanical CAD drawing. The CAD drawing will be sent to you for final approval. If there are any changes to be made we will correct the drawing and send you the revision. Once the CAD drawing is exactly what you need we will ask for you to sign off and the tank will then enter the queue for production.

Tank Forms

6" Diameter Tank

7" Diameter Tank

9" Diameter Tank

*Please note that custom tanks will require a 50% deposit before any work will begin. You will be quoted a price and an estimated time of completion once the drawings are finalized. Custom tanks with a signed off drawing may not be returned for any reason.

Fitting Options

You can request any number of fittings on your tank that you need for feed, return or breathers. Below are the most common selections. We can also install any custom sensor bungs or fittings you want to supply us with.

-8 AN Male

Suitable for primer feed or a breather return from engine or other source.

-10 AN Male

Suitable for low flow requirement feed or a breather return from engine or other source.

-12 AN Male

Suitable for lower flow requirement feed, scavenge return or breather fitting.

-16 AN Male

Suitable for feed, scavenge return or breather fitting.

-20 AN Male

Suitable for feed, scavenge return or breather fitting.

-12 AN Female

Suitable for feed, scavenge return or breather fitting.

1/8" NPT Female

Suitable for electrical temperature sensor.

5/8-18 Female

Suitable for mechanical temperature sensor.

Breather System

The breathing system on the oil tank is it's most important feature. You want to make sure that you have the right amount of breathing and the right style based on your application. You should also check the rules of your racing class to see if you need an external catch can.

Breather Fittings

Fittings can be installed to run hose to an external breather can. We recommend a minimum of a -12AN but most applications will benefit from a -16 AN or larger. You can also do multiple fittings to increase the surface are available for the air to evacuate the oil tank.

Breather Can

A breather can welded to the tank can reduce plumbing and make for a complete package. Breather cans can be sized to what you need for the rules in your organization and can also include fittings to vent the motor to. The breather can will include a drain cock at the bottom to drain any residual oil out of the can. They are fully baffled to eliminate oil from escaping.

Breather Stacks

We can install stacks on top of the tank topped with elements to evacuate air from the tank. We recommend a minimum of 2 stacks to create enough surface area.

Other Options

Off Road Baffle

The center baffle can be built with extra plates to work better in applications where the vehicle changes height very quickly such as off road trucks and buggies.

Lightweight Billet Caps

The Lightweight Billet Caps are CNC machined from billet aluminum and feature an o-ring seal. They provide a weight savings over the standard steel quarter turn caps.

Lightweight Rings

The 6" tank can have optional lighweight rings installed at the split line instead of the steel v-band clamp. They feature the same o-ring and are cnc machined from billet aluminum and secured with allen head bolts. The 7" tank comes with these standard.

Cap Mounted Dip Stick

The lightweight billet caps can have a dipstick installed into them to provide a simple way to check your oil level. It is not possible to install in the standard steel cap.

Sight Glass

A sight glass made from temp resistant tubing can be installed into the side of the tank. Make sure to mark on the custom tank exactly where you would like the sight glass.

Return Filter Box

The tank can be fitted with a billet aluminum bodied return filter assembly. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and contains a hig flow, pleated panel filter element. The element is available in 75 or 100 micron.