Alt title of image Swivel waterneck Swivel waterneck w/AN fitting Swivel waterneck w/AN fitting AN Fittings for Swivel Water Neck Tube Fittings for Swivel Water Neck

Swivel Water Necks

Our swivel waternecks swivel 360º for exact hose alignment. Viton seals are used internally and the flange is O-ring sealed. Features include hard coat anodizing for improved wear, steel snap ring for secure fitting retention, and a secondary locking pin.



Overall Height: x.xx"
Base Height: .875"
Length: 2.750"
Width: 3.95"
Mount C to C: 3.230"

Part Numbers

Water Necks

Part # Description
10-2116 -16 AN Swivel Water Neck
10-2120 -20 AN Swivel Water Neck
10-2125 1 1/4" Swvel Water Neck
10-2150 1 1/2" Swvel Water Neck


Replacement Fittings

Part # Description
10-1125 1 1/4" Fitting
10-1150 1 1/2" Fitting
14-0016 -16 AN Fitting
14-0020 -20 AN Fitting