Alt title of image Screw in pop off Inline pop off

One Way Pop Off

The pop off valve is installed on the valve cover to give a safety valve in case of positive crank case pressure. Available in either a direct valve cover mount or inline.



Screw In

Part # Height Diameter Hex
08-0450 xxxx 1.375" 1.375


Part # Length Diameter
08-1440 4.834" 1.480"
08-1450 4.986" 1.480"

Part Numbers

Screw In

Part # Description
08-0450 Screw In Pop Off


Part # Description
08-1440 -12 AN Inline Pop Off
08-1450 -16 AN Inline Pop Off


Weld Bung

Part # Description
17-0012 Replacement weld bung for 08-0450

Filter Element

0114-RC Replacement breather element for 08-0450