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Filters 400 Series Element

Peterson 400 series elements are built using only the highest quality components. They feature anodized CNC machined aluminum endcaps, pleated stainless steel or cellulose media and high quality epoxy for compatibility with most fluids.

• Stainless Steel

• Cellulose



Height: 7" / 17.78cm
Diameter: 4.5" / 11.43cm

Part Numbers

Stainless Elements

Part # Description
Oil Elements
-8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN
09-0460 60 Micron w/o bypass, Gold/Black end caps
09-0461 60 Micron w/ bypass, Gold/Black end caps
09-0440 75 Micron w/o bypass, Gold/Blue end caps
09-0441 75 Micron w/ bypass, Gold/Blue end caps
09-1440 100 Micron w/o bypass, Gold/Purple end caps
09-1441 100 Micron w/ bypass, Gold/Purple end caps
-20 AN
09-0418 75 Micron w/o bypass, Silver/Blue end caps
09-0419 75 Micron w/ bypass, Silver/Blue end caps
09-0414 100 Micron w/o bypass, Silver/Purple end caps
09-0415 100 Micron w/ bypass, Silver/Purple end caps
Fuel Elements
-8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN
09-0480 45 Micron w/o bypass, Gold/Red end caps
09-0481 45 Micron w/ bypass, Gold/Red end caps

Cellulose Elements

Part # Description
Oil Element
-8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN
19-0411 10/20 Micron w/ bypass, Black/Black end caps
Fuel Element
-8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN
19-0410 10/20 Micron w/o bypass, Black/Black end caps


Part # Description
09-0487 Bypass Block Off Plate
09-0488 Bypass Cartridge Assembly