Alt title of image Small cap & bung Large cap & bung Steel 1/4 turn cap with aluminum bung

Fabrication Fittings
Caps & Bungs

Peterson offers all of our tank caps and filler necks individually for you to use in your own projects. Steel caps come with a aluminum filler neck and a 1/4 turn style lock. The billet aluminum caps come in a 1 7/16" or 3" size. They feature CNC billet aluminum construction and the caps are anodized.


Part Numbers

Steel Cap

Part # Description
08-0601 Cap assembly with filler neck
08-0602 Cap only
08-0603 Aluminum filler neck only

Aluminum Caps

Part # Description
1 7/16" Cap
08-0611 Cap & Bung Assembly
08-0612 Cap only
08-0613 Aluminum filler neck only
3" Cap
08-0621 Cap & Bung Assembly
08-0622 Cap only
08-0623 Aluminum filler neck only



Part # Description
08-0614 O-Ring for 1 7/16" Cap
09-0624 O-Ring for 3" Cap