Oil Pump Mount Blades

The R4 pumps feature a unique tab mounting system that allows a lighter mount system and eliminates a seperate mounting block. Mounting blades come complete with hardware for mounting to the pump. Template for the pump mounting tabs is available if you wish to create your own.


Part Numbers

Part # Description
Small Block Chevy
14-3100-001 Left Side
14-3101-001 Right Side
14-3110-001 Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3111-001 Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
14-3150-001 Left Side, Pavement Late Model
Big Block Chevy
14-3120-001 Left Side
14-3121-001 Right Side
14-3123-001 Right Side, A-Arm Car, Motor Plate
14-3130-001 Rear Engine Drag, Left Side
14-3131-001 Rear Engine Drag, Right Side
Bear Claw Mount
14-3190-001 Left Side
14-3191-001 Right Side
Small Block Ford
04-3201-001 Right
Big Block Ford
14-3221-001 Right Side
Small Block Mopar
14-3300-001 Left Side
Bellhousing Mount
14-3701-001 DLM Bellhousing
14-3702-001 Pavement Late Model, Quartermaster