Alt title of image KRC Rear Drive Mount KRC Rear Drive Mount KRC Rear Drive Mount

Rear Drive Mounts

We have designed the R4 pump with a rear drive design that saves you weight and money. We offer adapters for all of the popular power steering and fuel pumps designed to be run off the back of the pump.


Part Numbers

Rear Drive Adapters

Part # Description
14-2190 Fuel Pump Adapter
14-2191 KSE Power Steering Pump
14-2192 KRC Power Steering Pump
14-2193 Spacer for KRC 19502 Pump
14-2194 Sweet Standard Power Steering Pump
14-2195 Sweet Toyota Power Steering Pump
14-2196 Sweet Toyota RD Power Steering Pump
14-2197 Fuel Pump Adapter, 4 Bolt
14-2198 KRC Revolution
14-2199 Star Vacuum Pump