Custom products for your project

Peterson Fluid Systems offers a custom design service to help you get the part you need for your project. We have worked with top teams in NASCAR, SCOR, World of Outlaws, NHRA, IHRA, and many other racing organizations. We also have worked with top car builders, military organizations, aerospace companies, automobile manufactuerers and movie production companies to build custom parts for their special projects. Get in touch with us with your specifications and we will let you know what we can do!

Custom Oil Tanks

Peterson Fluid Systems oil tanks are the tanks of choice in motorsports. We have a wide range of stock sizes but we know that doesn't always match up with what our customers need. If you need a custom oil tank for your project we can build just about anything you need. We can customize the size, fittings, mounts, etc. Click here to go to the custom tank page to see the full line up of options and instructions on how to get yours going.

Custom Tank Info

Custom Breather Can

Peterson breather cans are built in several standard configurations. Sometimes though you need extra fittings, bigger capacity or just a whole different animal. We can build a breather can for you to facilitate all the connections you need and the capacity that works for your project. Click here to see what is possible.

Custom Breather Info

The Peterson Spline Drive has been a popular setup for it's ease of use and strength. We have several standard hubs and a few for specific applications but if you need something special for your project we can help. We can build a customized hub for your application that will then accept all of the Spline drive pulleys and accessories. If you regularly build motors that need a certain drive setup we can do that for you too. Click here to go to the custom drive page.

Custom Drive Info